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What is The Formulator?


The Formulator is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel* that makes long, complex formulas easier to read, edit, and manage. The Formulator indents and separates function arguments, making complex formula logic easier to follow, like this:



For example, it can take this formula:


And format it like this. Note that you can easily identify any function's arguments and parens by looking up and down, because they are lined up vertically:


The Formulator lets you choose whether or not to format parens after arithmetic operators:



The Formulator can also send formatted formulas to Notepad instead of formatting them in the cell, if you prefer.


When you're done, The Formulator can unformat it too, if you wish:


No Effect On Calculation

The Formulator has no effect on calculation results. Excel allows formatting formulas in this way. Advanced Excel users routinely do this kind of formula formatting manually. Of course, once you see how fast and beautifully The Formulator formats -- and unformats! -- your largest formulas, you'll never want to take the time to format them manually again.


No Formula Too Long

No formula is too long or complex for The Formulator. The Formulator can format formulas of any length and complexity. If the formatted formula has too many characters for Excel, The Formulator automatically sends the result to Notepad.


Works With Any Font

No matter what font you use as your standard font in Excel, The Formulator will line up parens and arguments in Excel's formula bar as precisely as possible, just as if you were meticulously doing it manually. (The formula bar uses Excel's standard font, and Excel allows you to change its standard font to any font you choose.)


Works With Any Language

No matter what language you use, and no matter what characters you use in your formulas, The Formulator automatically calibrates the correct spacing for any character in any font:





Try the Free Edition

Ready to try the Free Edition of The Formulator? You can use it for as long as you like. Download it here. Then, see the Tutorial.



* Although The Formulator currently works only with Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions for Open Office, Lotus 123 and Corel Quattro Pro are possible too, so let me know if you’re interested.




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