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The Formulator is currently compatible with Excel 97 and later. Compatibility with Excel 97 requires an XLA file, theformulator.xla. Excel 2000 and later allow eliminating that file by moving to a "COM Add-In" architecture.

Eliminating the XLA file by going to a COM Add-In would simplify programming and maintenance. However, maintaining two versions -- one with an XLA file for Excel 97, and one as a COM Add-In for Excel 2000 and later -- would be too much extra work.

Eventually I plan to move to a COM Add-In, dropping compatibility with Excel 97. But not until the number of potential The Formulator users who would want to use it with Excel 97 is extremely small.

It's all but impossible to get a good read on how many potential The Formulator users would want to use it with what versions of Excel. But the evidence indicates that hardly anyone is still regularly using Excel 97. As of early 2009, the majority were still on Excel 2003, with Excel 2007 in a strong 2nd place, and Excel 2002/XP a distant 3rd.

Whenever I drop compatibility with Excel 97, the last version compatible with it would still be available on this web site until any demand for it is long gone. But there would be no further updates to that version.


What does all this mean to you?

If you are using The Formulator on Excel 97, and plan to continue doing so for some time, or if for some other reason it's important to you that The Formulator remain compatible with Excel 97, let me know.


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