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PrecisionCalc  Bundle

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~ You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to buy PrecisionCalc Bundle. ~


Before Buying PrecisionCalc Bundle:
First, please download and try the Free Editions of both xlPrecision and inspector text:


Please Note:
The paid editions of xlPrecision and inspector text require that the Free Editions be installed. The paid editions do not work if the Free Editions have not been installed.

PrecisionCalc  Bundle

Save over 30% when you buy xlPrecision and inspector text together.
A $36 value for $25.

 PrecisionCalc Bundle includes:


Get inspector text for FREE with certain editions of xlPrecision.

Site Licenses
Generous Site License terms are available. Even if only two people work in your office, you'll still save money with a Site License. Click here for more information on site licenses.


If you buy the PrecisionCalc Bundle and then later upgrade to the 32,767 or higher edition of xlPrecision (which includes inspector text), the upgrade price is the difference between the two prices. For example, if you buy the $32 PrecisionCalc Bundle and later want to upgrade to the $90 xlPrecision 5,000 SD Research edition (which includes inspector text), the upgrade price is $58.

Of course, that only applies to upgrading to a higher edition of inspector text. It does not apply to upgrading to any future versions of inspector text. Prices for upgrading to future versions will be determined individually for each version.

Please send an email if you wish to upgrade.



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