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The Free Edition of includes all the features of all the paid editions.

The Free Edition never expires. You may use the Free Edition as much as you wish, for as long as you wish, and on as many computers as you wish. There are no restrictions. You may freely distribute the Free Edition to anyone you wish.

Don't you hate it when a trial version expires before you've had a chance to evaluate it to your complete satisfaction?
Or disables the best features, so you can't evaluate those features at all?

That doesn't happen with inspector text.


However, every third time an inspector text function calculates, a pop-up window will appear. You must click OK on the pop-up window for inspector text to return its result. Every fifth of these pop-up windows (every 15th time an inspector text function calculates) will present you with a random text string that must be typed in before the OK button becomes enabled. The random text strings start out 3 characters long, and grow by 1 character with each string, up to 12 characters. If you cancel one of the pop-up windows that ask for a text string, the next calculation skips to the next pop-up window that asks for a text string. To start over at 3 characters, you must restart Excel. To avoid these pop-up windows, simply buy a paid edition.

Every third time an inspector text Free Edition function calculates:
(except every 15th  time)

Every 15th time an inspector text Free Edition function calculates:

If you click Cancel or press the Escape key to dismiss the pop-up window,
the inspector text function returns this:

Thank you for using the Free Edition of inspector text. On the Free Edition,
you must click 'OK' on the pop-up windows to get the desired return value
(no pop-up windows appear on the paid versions).

This ensures that you have as much time as you desire to fully evaluate any features you wish in the product before making a purchase decision, while providing a realistic disincentive to perpetual freeloading. And if you use the product only very rarely, or have more time than money, you can enjoy a great product free of charge, without being nagged or made to feel guilty.


If you're running an evaluation test with the Free Edition that has a very large number of inspector text functions, you may prefer one of these alternatives to typing in the text required by every 15th inspector text Free Edition function calculation:


Download the Free Edition Now



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