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xlPrecision is fully compatible with Excel 2019 including Excel 365 (32-bit)
and Windows 10 as well as earlier versions of Excel and Windows


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I love xlPrecision! It's allowing me to do something on a very important project that wouldn't have worked without the extra precision.

Mark Ryan, Chicago, IL
The Math Center, founder and educator
Author of
Calculus for Dummies
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What is xlPrecision?

Stop letting Excel round your numbers to 15 digits! Get full precision now!

Get vastly more precise results from mathematical formulas in Microsoft Excel with xlPrecision, an Add-In for Excel.

Do arithmetic and other numeric analysis on very large numbers without rounding or truncating your numbers to 15 significant digits, as Excel does on its own. Don't be held back by Excel's limitation of only 15 significant digits!

For example, if you add 1234567890 + 0.0123456789, Excel rounds the sum to 1234567890.01235. Get the correct answer with xlPrecision in Excel: 1234567890.0123456789.

Eliminate the stealthy binary conversion errors that plague spreadsheets. Binary conversion errors do not occur with xlPrecision in Excel.

Use much larger (and much smaller) numbers than Excel allows on its own. Excel only understands numbers from about 2.223E-308 to about 1.798E+308. With xlPrecision in Excel, use numbers as tiny as 1.000E-32765 and as huge as about 9.999E+32766.

If you're a programmer, you can also call xlPrecision's arbitrary-precision (bignum, multi-precision) arithmetic library functions directly from your own programming code.

xlPrecision offers many additional features that take you beyond Excel's capabilities in other ways.

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