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xlPrecision is mentioned in the financial modeling textbook that Financial Engineering News magazine chose as their #1 Recommended Text for College Students Interested in Financial Engineering:

"Excel's maximal accuracy is only 15 digits, but there is a nice Excel add-in that extends the precision to 32,767 digits:"

Page 612, Financial Modeling, Third Edition (2008, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press)
by Simon Benninga
         Professor of Finance & Dean of the Faculty of Management, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
         Visiting Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
         Professor of Finance, University of Groningen, Netherlands (partial appointment)




xlPrecision was reviewed by the French blog Monsieur Excel in April 2007:

        Original French:
        xlPrecision, un add-in bien précis !
        Des précisions sur xlPrecision...

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