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Inspector text works great. It reduces hours of work to minutes.

        Eric Walts, Clayton, Indiana (near Indianapolis)
        Toric Engineering
        inspector text user since 2006


[inspector text] worked perfectly. I needed a way to parse out a field that contained the address with a variable number of words in it. I needed to search from right to left. It did everything I needed it to do.

        David Edmondson, Fort Worth, Texas
        inspector text user since 2009


Many thanks... [inspector text] worked like a charm.

        Parker Jackson, Carrollton, Texas (near Dallas)
        inspector text user since 2007


Your functions are exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks very much for a great product at a great price.

Ray Schmidt, Manchester, Missouri (near St Louis)
inspector text user since 2009


itREPLACE is excellent.

John Boothroyd, Kensington, South New Wales, Australia
inspector text user since 2010


[inspector text] works great! And it's a great value.

Anonymous customer, Charlotte, North Carolina
Documentation of this testimonial is on file, but this customer prefers to remain anonymous
inspector text user since 2009


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