Get Your Numbers Right


Format Negative Numbers
with Red Font


Normally, Excel allows you to format negative numbers with a red font:

However, that doesn't work with xlPrecision numbers, because Excel doesn't recognize them as numbers (and you wouldn't want it to, because then Excel would reduce the precision to 15 significant digits). But you can still get xlPrecision negative numbers to display with a red font, using Excel's Conditional Formatting feature.

It's easiest if you format xlPrecision negative numbers with parentheses and you're using Excel 2007 or later:




If you format negative xlPrecision numbers with a leading hyphen ("-"), or if you're using Excel 2003 or earlier, you can still format negative xlPrecision numbers with a red font, but it's a bit trickier:


In Excel 2003 and earlier:


To get two rules In Excel 2003 and earlier, click Add to get "Condition 2" and repeat the steps for Condition 2:



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