"Greg’s Excel solutions have delivered a hugely positive impact on our process, data quality, and
most importantly, our bottom line."
(Bob Arnold, Microsoft Senior Program Manager)


"It all works brilliantly; we had struggled for many years to find a solution to our problem, but Greg designed a macro that was the solution -- it does everything we had hoped for. Thank you so much for the great work." (Jess Sutcliffe, Belgravia Music Inc.)


I automate ANY TASK that you do in Microsoft Excel. No matter how complex.


Instead of spending hours every month or week doing the same series of tasks in Excel, simply click a button, then do other tasks while your Excel work is automatically done for you.

Imagine how much more you can accomplish with all the time you'll save! And you'll be amazed at how much faster a well-written Excel VBA macro program can accomplish your tasks - hours of manual labor can often be completed in the blink of an eye.

I also automate huge tasks in Excel that you only wish you had the time to do - you dream it up and tell me what you want done, and I’ll make it happen.


When people do repetitive, tedious tasks, small mistakes are inevitable. But even small mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money.

One of my clients had recently lost $180,000 due to a very tiny error in a huge, extremely complex Excel spreadsheet. The error had resulted in incorrectly manufactured product. They had a manual auditing process in place for that spreadsheet, but that audit took 5 days (!) to do and so could not be done as often as needed. And, that manual audit was prone to error even when undertaken. I automated that audit for them. The automated audit takes only about an hour to complete, instead of 5 days. They now run that audit as many times as needed until they are absolutely sure the data is correct, before handing it off to manufacturing. They have made no mistakes on it since then and not a penny has been lost.

A custom Excel program can do your most repetitive, most tedious tasks without making errors.

"[Greg] is definitely going to be in my favorite list of [programmers]. He provides the solution super fast and with great accuracy. I will use him again for other jobs in future."

(Jason Khoo, SynergyWorks, Singapore)


So the tasks you'd like to have automated are slightly different every time you do them, and you're wondering how Excel can be programmed to accommodate the differences each time?

Here's what I'll do for you:

The Excel workbook I provide will have clearly marked places for the input data that can change. Each time you run the program, you make any of those changes that are needed for that particular run. That way, the program adapts to routine changes like that.

If some of that changing data is lists with varying quantities of entries, you'll have a whole column for each list, so you can make each such list as long or short as it needs to be. And if one column isn't enough, you'll get as many columns per list as you need.

Needing changeable settings like that is the norm, not the exception. I do it for almost every client. And it's different for every client -- often vastly different. Yours will be designed for your specific needs.

"The work Greg Lovern did creating macros for my business saved me considerable time and money and increased the accuracy of the data we send out. Greg is a very easy guy to work with and not only created the macros, but taught me how to update them and was very willing and helpful to tweak if needed."

(Stephanie Murray, Microsoft Program Manager)



Are you an Excel power user who's outgrown some of Excel's built-in worksheet functions? Ever wish they did something more, or something different? Just tell me what worksheet functions you want, what arguments you want to pass to them, and what results you want from them. I'll take it from there. I'll create an Excel add-in that you can install in Excel, and that you can distribute to others if you wish. You can even sell it to others.

What if you just want a small change to one of Excel's built-in worksheet functions, and don't want to pay to have the whole thing rewritten? No problem. I'll write a function with only the new or changed functionality, then call the built-in function from the new custom function. You pay only for the new or changed functionality.

"Greg was a tremendous help to us on this [Excel – Great Plains integration] project. Our existing systems were a complicated collection of old Excel sheets and macros. The primary vendor we were working with on Great Plains implementation was unable to produce a qualified resource that could integrate the data into Excel. However, with Greg, we explained to him what we wanted the system to do, and he jumped right in and made this a reality in less than 2 weeks."

(Eric Watson, Incentra Solutions NW)



So you're doing your own Excel VBA programming, but you'd like some functions written that you can call from your code, to make your work more efficient. No problem, just tell me what parameters you want to pass to the function, and what result you want the function to return. Leave the rest to me.

Those functions can be copied to your VBA project, or if you prefer, I can put the functions in a DLL that you can call from VBA.

"Greg’s insight and expertise of Excel has created solutions that have reduced and streamlined our delivery time by half. What an incredible gift, Thank you!"

(Rahel Haley, Microsoft Program Manager)



If you already have a macro that provides some performance gain, but you want more from it, I can:

  • Make your macro more versatile.

  • Make your macro more error-proof.

  • Make your macro more convenient.

  • Make your macro run faster -- MANY TIMES faster. Don't be surprised if I can make your macro run over a hundred times faster.

  • Add whatever new functionality you wish.

"Excellent – works like a charm – thank you!"

(Patrick Blackburn, Microsoft Program Manager)



Maybe you just want some worksheet formulas written. I do that too! Just tell me what you want the formulas to do.

"I have a new business and found myself trying to do everything myself. After spending dozens of hours trying to figure out how to make excel work for a new program I wanted to offer my clientele, I turned to Greg. Something that would have easily taken another 100 hours of my time only took him an hour to complete. Now I am ready to offer the program to my clients and get back to doing what I do best... my business!!!"

(Benjamin Gordon, Simply Fit)



Do you have huge workbooks that take hours, maybe even days(!), to calculate? Let me optimize them for fastest possible calculation speed. Don't be surprised if I make them calculate several times faster. When I'm done, I'll demonstrate how much faster they calculate, and you only pay if you like what you see. If the improvement isn't fast enough to amaze and thrill you, you're under no obligation to buy.

"Your work is very impressive!"

 (John Smith, PE, SE, Collons + Smith Structural Engineers)





I can also automate your tasks in other VBA applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, including those that are not sold as part of Office, such as Visio and Microsoft Project. And, I can integrate tasks that involve multiple VBA applications, such as copying data from Outlook to an Excel spreadsheet.



I can also automate most other Windows applications by creating a new program that manipulates them with simulated keystrokes and simulated mouse clicks and other programmatic controls. Of course, this technique doesn't provide as much control as Office VBA, but it's a lot better than tedious manual labor.

"Greg, it [Excel VBA custom tool] works outstanding!"

 (John Trujillo, Microsoft Program Manager)



I can also create entirely new Windows programs, to your specifications, that don't rely on any other applications at all, and do whatever tasks you specify.

"This definitely makes life easier!! Woohoo!!!"

(Elizabeth Brown, Microsoft Program Manager)



If you're near Bellevue, WA, we can meet at a public place such as Starbucks, and I'll watch while you step through the tasks you want automated. Then I'll repeat the steps back to you to make sure I understand, and write it all down.

If you're not nearby, or if you just don't have time to meet, we can do any of the following, whichever you prefer:

  • You can just write the tasks down for me.

  • You can send me your Excel workbook, and we can discuss what you want automated by phone or email.

  • We can "meet" through web conferencing at no cost to you, and you can tell the web conferencing software to give me temporary permission to watch what you're doing in Excel, while we discuss it on the phone. Or if you prefer, you can send me your Excel file, and I can give you permission to watch it on my computer, again while we discuss it on the phone, and you walk me through the steps you want automated.

Then, I take it home and think about how much time it will take to program, and get back to you (usually within a few days) with a price.

If you accept, I get to work and let you know when I'm done, usually within days or weeks. (Large projects require either starting with a small piece of the project, or signing a contract.)

I demonstrate the completed work to you, and if it's exactly what you want, you can buy it right then. Or, if changes are needed to best meet your needs, I can make those changes and let you know when I'm ready.

"Thanks, this is way better [than solutions provided by others]...The [macro running time] went from ~4.5 mins on a dual core E6600 down to < 1 sec...Clearly you have high skills in Excel..."

(David Lean, Microsoft Technology Specialist)



Perhaps you've already talked to some other software consultants who quoted hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars to completely replace your routine Excel business processes with special software. It will take them months or years to deliver, and then you'll have to learn the new software and processes they set up for you, and probably adapt your business to them in some ways. Later, when your business needs change, you'll have to go back to those expensive consultants for more punishment. And someday when you need to upgrade to a new version of that special software, you can bet it will cost a lot more than upgrading to a new version of Excel.

I'm pretty sure you can think of much better ways to spend all that money and time.

Instead, simply automate the Excel processes that are currently working for you right now. Those processes are doing exactly what you want; they just take too much of your time, and risk too much human error. Automating the Excel tasks you're already doing will cost a very small fraction of what those fancy consultants will cost you.

Do you believe in keeping it simple? I do.

"Wow, outstanding to get to a true source about using [Excel's MS] Query. Thanks Greg! I really appreciate it."

(Joe Rettenmaier, Microsoft Contractor)



So you’ve been quoted a huge figure to completely revamp one of your processes. You don’t want to spend all that money right now, but you do need to improve your current process enough to tide you over until you can make the big change. You’ve come to the right place. I can improve your current Excel-based process at a fraction of the cost you were probably quoted. What’s more, you might like the result so much that you decide you have better ways to spend the big bucks.

"Sweet! Thanks!"

 (Michael J. Lyons, Microsoft Development Lead)



Many consultants want only big, 5-figure and up contracts. That isn't me at all. I'm interested in even the smallest jobs. I've invoiced for as little as 1/2 hour of work. There is no minimum.



Someone has to write all that code you promised your clients, but you're so busy flying all over the world getting new clients that you don't have time to write it. You need a subcontractor. Someone who can take your spec and write to it, and adapt to your coding style if you've already started the project. Someone who can read between the lines and make educated guesses when necessary, but ask for clarification when needed. Someone who offers suggestions where appropriate, but who doesn't argue with you about your syle and choices. You don't want a Prima Donna. You need someone like me.

A major national restaurant chain, and a major national computer manufacturer, and a local medical care company probably have no idea that they are running my code. Your clients can be next. Just tell me what you need done.

"This works great...helps a lot."

(Sean Siler, Microsoft Program Manager)



You have a great idea for an automation tool or program that you believe would sell, but you can't pay the development cost up front, or just don't want to risk that much money. Let's talk about partnering on the project. You have the great ideas, I write the code, we share the profit.

"Awesome, thank you Greg – I think this is what I need"

(Jim Cumming, Microsoft Developer Product Support Manager)



You have a set of manual procedures you want automated, but you're not sure if you want to make a commitment to paying for it until you're sure the automation tool does EXACTLY what you want. No problem! I can demo the completed automation tool to you using web conferencing software, at no cost to you. Alternatively, I can demo it to you on my laptop computer, if that is more convenient for you.

You observe the completed automation tool in action through web conferencing (or on my laptop computer if you prefer), then decide if you want to buy it. If you decide not to buy it, you have no further obligation.

Of course, for large projects, we'd need to start with a small piece of it -- or if you prefer, we could instead just sign a contract.



Yes, I do house calls, if you're near Bellevue, WA. We can also meet at area coffee shops to discuss your project.

Alternatively, we can use web conferencing software (at no cost to you) to view and discuss your project together without being in the same location.



I'm also available for Excel tutoring, including both Excel usage and Excel VBA programming. Learning VBA programming can make you as productive as 10 or more people.

Tutoring can be targeted to any specific project you are working on, or broadened to gain more general knowledge.

If you're just getting started with VBA and have no prior programming experience, I suggest working through a good tutorial book and supplementing it with targeted tutoring sessions as desired. A good choice is "Microsoft Excel 2007 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step" by Reed Jacobson, but others are fine too.

Tutoring is available at your place (if you're not far from Bellevue), my place, public places of your choice such as Starbucks, by telephone, or even by email.



In addition to creating custom Excel and other Office VBA tools for your organization, I'm happy to serve as a general Excel resource.

While at my recent 1-year contract at Microsoft, programming Excel tools for a group of business managers and their assistants,  I happened to overhear a conversation at the next desk about an unpopular, tedious task that took hours to do and had to be done frequently. I recognized that what they were talking about could be done quickly and easily in Excel. Using their actual data, I did it for them in less than a minute while they watched. Later, their manager organized a meeting for me to demonstrate the technique to about 12 managers, while one of them took notes so they could document the procedure in a process document. That's just one example of how I saved them money in ways that went beyond my main function there as an Excel VBA programmer.

If your organization in or near Bellevue, Washington State could benefit from that kind of resource, whether full or part-time, temporary or long-term, contact me and let's discuss your needs.

"Thanks for all of the Excel help we really appreciate your expertise"

(Kiera Ojo, Microsoft Program Manager)



Call or email for an absolutely free consultation to discuss your needs.

Greg Lovern
(425) 747-1548
Bellevue, WA






  • I've been developing custom Microsoft Excel solutions since 1992, when I automated the bookkeeping system of a large restaurant on Lake Union in Seattle.

  • I was at Microsoft for over nine years as a Product Support Professional, including over three years in Excel support and over four years in Developer (programmer) support, helping thousands of Microsoft customers with difficult programming problems. While there, I was promoted to the Excel escalation team, then to escalation lead.  That means I handled the most difficult Excel programming support cases, which even the other members of the escalation team were unable to resolve. And, I had excellent, team-leading survey results from the customers I helped.

  • I've created and marketed two powerful and highly regarded Excel add-ins:

  • Over 1 year contracting at, programming custom tools in Excel VBA, 2007-2008.

  • 1-year contract at Microsoft programming custom tools in Excel VBA, 2006-2007.

  • I've been a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Excel since 1994 and in Excel VBA since 1995. And I've been a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) since 1997. You can view my Microsoft Certification Transcript here:

Transcript ID: 720428

Access Code: 4F9W5G7S
Access Code is case sensitive




"[Greg provided] the best support I have ever had from Microsoft."

(Microsoft customer survey response)

"I wanted to express my extreme appreciation for the outstanding support Mr. Lovern has been providing to me via the microsoft.public.excel.programming newsgroup. Despite what I have considered to be a series of 'killer' questions, Mr. Lovern consistently provides valuable, insightful answers that are targeted 'right on'. He has amazing insights and consistently shows true understanding for my needs. It is a delight that he often goes beyond the basic question, providing additional tips, tricks, and suggestions. As a further bonus, his answers are VERY well-written... My deeply felt thanks for Mr. Lovern for all his answers. I am, indeed, a very satisfied customer."

(John Macko, Microsoft
customer, email to manager)

"Greg Lovern did an incredible job for us...he was extremely helpful..."

(Drew Bollman, Microsoft
customer, email to manager)

"The level of service [Greg] provided was excellent."

(Microsoft customer Arhan
at Data Physics, email to manager)

"I received excellent customer support from Greg Lovern."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"Greg was very helpful...I appreciate the way Greg worked with me."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"I am very happy and satisfied with the problems/questions [Greg] supported."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"It was my pleasure to work with Greg Lovern...He helped me resolve the issue quickly and completely. He was not only knowledgeable but very personable. I am well satisfied with the support I received."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"[Greg] resolved our issue in no time."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"Greg immediately went straight to the point and made a recommendation that seems to have resolved the problem."

(Microsoft customer, email to manager)

"[Greg] was very knowledgeable, quickly identified the problem and solved it very quickly. [Greg] was pleasant to work with and very friendly"

(Microsoft customer survey response)

"I rated [Greg] [the highest possible rating] because the support was great and fast..."

(Microsoft customer survey response)

"[Greg was] much more responsive than the other [product support professionals]."

(Microsoft customer survey response)

"[Greg] was very helpful and solved my problem very quickly."

(Microsoft customer survey response)

"Thanks for the great work. It was refreshing to see somebody really jump on a case and push through to a resolution right then."

(Microsoft Premier Technical
Account Manager Maxwell Myrick)

"I love xlPrecision! It's allowing me to do something on a very important project that wouldn't have worked without the extra precision."

(Mark Ryan, math educator, author
of "Calculus for Dummies" and other
math books, and customer
of Greg Lovern's
software product xlPrecision)

"I will plug xlPrecision in the third edition of my 'Financial Modeling' book. I have a chapter on Monte Carlo which shows why you want might such a powerful plug in as xlPrecision."

(Simon Benninga, Professor of Finance & Dean of the Faculty of Management,
Tel-Aviv University, Israel, Visiting
Professor of Finance, Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania, Professor of Finance, University of Groningen,
Netherlands (partial appointment), author of "Financial Modeling", chosen as the "#1 Recommended Text for College Students Interested in Financial Engineering" by Financial Engineering News, editor-in-chief
of European Finance Review,
and customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"An excellent product. Well done."

(Chris Ross, Accurate Software, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"I found xlPrecision of tremendous help in solving extremely small probability of occurrence problems in Excel."

(Jim Ramsden, BAE Systems, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"I have been using xlPrecision about 10 hours per day and I am in the middle of an important analysis. I could not do the work that I have been doing without xlPrecision."

(Thomas Mouat, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"Thanks for a really useful tool."

(Douglas Preston, ReadyNet, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"xlPrecision really is an outstanding improvement in Excel when you need that level of accuracy."

(Ben Hackett, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

"Very impressive. I am a very happy customer."

(Kevin Hanson, North Dakota Public Service Commission, Testing & Safety Division Metrology Laboratory, State Metrologist/Assistant Director, customer of Greg Lovern's software product xlPrecision)

(documentation available for all quotes)



  • Get data from Outlook appointments, get other data from file folders, analyze the data as specified by the customer, and present the results in an Excel spreadsheet. Saves hours of manual labor and takes a couple seconds to run.

  • Automate an Excel spreadsheet used as a data entry form. Many columns have dropdown listboxes whose list of items are updated frequently by getting the new data from the network, and users can update the lists on command. The dropdowns are designed for very rapid keyboard data entry; they are opened and closed by standard keyboard actions, and autocomplete through thousands of list items simply by typing the first characters of the desired item. Users can add or delete rows in the form as desired.

  • Compare two massive data sets to find and call out any differences. Each data set is stored in a completely different, and nonstandard, way. Each data set is under constant revision by many users. Each data set has over 7,000 data points (and growing every month) that must be checked against the other data set. To perform the comparison, each data set is converted to a standard flat file with over 7,000 rows, and sorted. Then the two flat files are compared line by line. Any differences found are summarized in a report. Saves 5 days of labor each time it is run.

  • Automate hundreds of similar Excel spreadsheets used as data entry forms. Also, automate the very process of generating those spreadsheets, because there are too many of them to efficiently update manually, and frequent updates are required. Automate internationalizing those spreadsheets into English USA, English UK, German, French, and Japanese, and allow for adding any number of other languages in the future. Each spreadsheet has unique columns, and many have hundreds of columns. These spreadsheets are distributed to thousands of the client's vendors, each of which can have any number of users using them to upload data to the client. Allow users to get the latest updates to the spreadsheets via the web, by clicking a toolbar button. Many columns in the spreadsheets have dropdown listboxes. The contents of any given listbox can depend on the entry on that row in any other column. The dropdowns are designed for very rapid keyboard data entry; they are opened and closed by standard keyboard actions, and autocomplete through any number of list items simply by typing the first characters of the desired item. Before uploading the data to my client, the user can validate their work by clicking a toolbar button, which checks all entries according to thousands of logical tests, and provides cell comments on each cell that fails validation, explaining in the user's language what the problem is with their entry in that cell. Users can use as many rows as desired (and get dropdowns and validation in all of them), limited only by Excel's maximum number of rows in a sheet. Since many of the vendors do their own data pre-processing that results in columns in different orders than the spreadsheets, provide an import feature that accepts the columns in any order and rearrange them as needed. Enables vendors to upload data to the client much more quickly, with far fewer errors, and with much less training, enabling them to sell more uploaded product. Rolled out with great success in UK, Germany, France, and Japan. It has been held back in the USA due to a back-end legacy issue beyond my control, but is expected to roll out soon.


(The words and phrases below are intended ONLY to more thoroughly represent my skills than is reasonably possible in the main text. They are NOT intended to cause search hits that fall outside my skill set.)

Microsoft Excel Developer
Microsoft Excel Consultant
Microsoft Excel Consulting
Microsoft VBA Developer
Microsoft VBA Consultant
Microsoft VBA Consulting
Microsoft Excel VBA Developer
Microsoft Excel VBA Consultant
Microsoft Excel VBA Consulting
Microsoft Excel Programmer
Microsoft Excel Programming
Microsoft VBA Programmer
Microsoft VBA Programming
Microsoft Excel VBA Programmer
Microsoft Excel VBA Programming
Microsoft Office Developer
Microsoft Office VBA Developer
Microsoft Office Programmer
Microsoft Office Programming
Microsoft Office VBA Programmer
Microsoft Office VBA Programming
Microsoft Outlook Developer
Microsoft Outlook VBA Developer
Microsoft Outlook Programmer
Microsoft Outlook Programming
Microsoft Outlook VBA Programmer
Microsoft Outlook VBA Programming
Microsoft Word Developer
Microsoft Word VBA Developer
Microsoft Word Programmer
Microsoft Word Programming
Microsoft Word VBA Programmer
Microsoft Word VBA Programming
Microsoft Project VBA Programming
Microsoft VB Programmer
Microsoft VB Programming
Microsoft VB Developer
Microsoft VB6 Programmer
Microsoft VB6 Programming
Microsoft VB6 Developer
Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer
Microsoft Visual Basic Programming
Microsoft Visual Basic Developer
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Programmer
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Programming
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Developer
Excel Tutor
Excel Tutoring
Microsoft Excel Tutor
Microsoft Excel Tutoring
MS Excel
Excel Automation
Excel Customization Custom Customizing Service
Excel Macros
Excel VBA Macros
Excel spreadsheet spreadsheets

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