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I love xlPrecision! It's allowing me to do something on a very important project that wouldn't have worked without the extra precision.

        Mark Ryan, Chicago, Illinois
        The Math Center, founder and educator
        Author of Calculus for Dummies, Calculus Workbook for Dummies, Everyday Math for Everyday Life, and others.
        xlPrecision user since 2005


I will plug xlPrecision in the third edition of my "Financial Modeling" book. I have a chapter on Monte Carlo which shows why you want might such a powerful plug in as xlPrecision.

        Simon Benninga, Tel-Aviv, Israel
        Professor of Finance & Dean of the Faculty of Management, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
        Visiting Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
        Professor of Finance, University of Groningen, Netherlands (partial appointment)
        Author of Financial Modeling, chosen as the #1 Recommended Text for College Students Interested in Financial Engineering
            by Financial Engineering News
        Editor-in-chief of European Finance Review
        xlPrecision user since 2003


Nice programming. It [xlpPOISSON] worked like a charm. Many thanks - you have saved the day for me with this data analysis. Even my high-end statistical programs, with their double precision calculations, had a 15 SD limit. Highly recommended!

        Steven Sawyer (PT, Ph.D.), Lubbock, Texas
        Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
        School of Allied Health Sciences
        Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
        xlPrecision user since 2007


Your functions are exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks very much for a great product at a great price.

Ray Schmidt, Manchester, Missouri (near St Louis)
xlPrecision user since 2009


I love your product. It is fantastic. We use it for Cryptanalysis Research at our firm.

Casey Smith, Centennial, OH (near Denver)
xlPrecision user since 2006; upgraded to xlPrecision 3.0 in 2009


What a terrific product. Now I can continue my search for the perfect cuboid.

Michael Holcomb, Cadott, WI (exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole)
xlPrecision user since 2009


Our company will benefit from its use to enable the independent checking of calculations within our software. An excellent product. Well done.

        Chris Ross, Crowthorne, Berkshire, England (near Wellington College)
        Accurate Software
        xlPrecision user since 2004


I found xlPrecision of tremendous help in solving extremely small probability of occurrence problems in Excel.

Jim Ramsden, Manassas, Virginia (near Washington, DC)
BAE Systems
xlPrecision user since 2006


I have been using xlPrecision about 10 hours per day and I am in the middle of an important analysis. I could not do the work that I have been doing without xlPrecision.

Thomas Mouat, Alberta, Canada
xlPrecision user since 2003


What I really need are some basic trig functions that are more accurate than the standard Excel functions. I [manually calculated] the sin series down to 25 digits or so using your xlpPOWER, xlpFACT, xlpSUM, etc. functions to check a few sin [and xlPrecision xlpSIN] calculations. I'm satisfied that Excel is good down to 14 digits and that xlpSIN is good beyond that. My conclusion is to throw out the TI calculator.

Jim Hicks, Camak, Georgia
xlPrecision user since 2007


Great program -- a life saver, thank you!!!

Jacob Stoner, Indianapolis, Indiana
JacobsParts Inc.
xlPrecision user since 2007


Thanks for the great service and a great product.

Dominic Freeley, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK
xlPrecision user since 2006; upgraded to xlPrecision 3.0 in 2009


Thanks for a really useful tool.

Douglas Preston, Beaumont, Texas
xlPrecision user since 2006


Thanks for this program! [xlPrecision] is exactly what I was looking for.

Evan Bastian, Clovis, California (near Fresno)
xlPrecision user since 2009


Thanks again for all your help. Your software is surpassed only by your customer service.

David Mintz, Boca Raton, Florida
xlPrecision user since 2006


xlPrecision works great! You only have to compare the results of a couple of examples to see xlPrecision's value.

I have compiled a spreadsheet to convert decimal numbers to the fraction equivalent, since fractions are mathematically more accurate than decimals. The decimal number is ordinarily the product of multiplication of two fractions. This spreadsheet works fine on most fractions, but it relies on comparing the value in the original cell to certain other cells' calculated values.

You can see the problem with native Excel only using 15 digits. It doesn't take a very large denominator or a prime number as the numerator in one of the fractions to exceed the 15 digit limit of accuracy.

xlPrecision extends the usefulness of the spreadsheet to much larger fractions, well beyond the realm of my real world problems.

Thank you again. xlPrecision really is an outstanding improvement in Excel when you need that level of accuracy.

Ben Hackett, Edmond, Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City)
xlPrecision user since 2006


I found xlPrecision pretty straightforward and easy to use. I have been very happy with the speed and accuracy of xlPrecision so far. If you need to deal with an overwhelming number of significant digits, itís a very useful package for manipulating big numbers, relatively easily.

Walter Piel, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
xlPrecision user since 2006


I am really enjoying using your excellent program.

Steven Cook, Richland, WA (near Hanford)
xlPrecision user since 2009; upgraded to xlPrecision 3.1 in 2010


I used xlPrecision to check calculations I was getting from another piece of software. It proved to be a very helpful tool in reconciling issues that came up. I am keeping xlPrecision for if I ever have any issues like these come up again. xlPrecision was easy to use and I quickly got the answers I was looking for.

        Robert Friedl, Mequon, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee)
        Fall River Capital LLC, President
        xlPrecision user since 2004


Very impressive. I am a very happy customer.

        Kevin Hanson, Bismarck, North Dakota
        North Dakota Public Service Commission, Testing & Safety Division Metrology Laboratory, State Metrologist/Assistant Director
        xlPrecision user since 2006


Thanks for ... a beautiful piece of software.

Arthur Catto, Campinas, S„o Paulo, Brazil
Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
xlPrecision user since 2006


I am currently at work and the internet is blocked by our tyrant/admin. I am in desperate need of xlPrecision. I just wanted to know if you could email it to me.

        William Torres, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
        Emery Neuroscience Center
        xlPrecision user since 2003



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