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Register DLL


The free edition of xlPrecision installs Register DLL, a utility for re-registering xlPrecision.dll if a problem occurs with its registration.

Register DLL is an easier alternative to Windows' regsvr32.exe. Register DLL can be used to register any ActiveX DLL, EXE, or OCX. It is installed in the same path as xlPrecision.dll.

To use Register DLL to re-register xlPrecision.dll:

  1. Find "Register DLL" at Start | All Programs | xlPrecision | Register DLL (but don't start it yet).

    • If Register DLL is not there, you can download it from RegisterDLL.exe.

      When you click the above link to download Register DLL, you may get a message like "Register DLL is unsafe to download and was blocked by SmartScreen filter". This message just means that Register DLL has not had a huge number of downloads, and I have not paid a boatload of money to get Microsoft to mark it as safe. Eventually the message will stop once it has had enough downloads.

      Register DLL does not have a virus. This website is hosted by Lunarpages, which is as safe as anything on the web. If you want to be 110% certain, you can just run your virus checker on the file after downloading it but before running it.

      While we're patiently waiting for Microsoft to mark Register DLL as safe, you can download it now by temporarily turning off SmartScreen. To do that, in Internet Explorer:

      • Press the Alt key to make Internet Explorer's menu appear (if it isn't already showing).
      • In Internet Explorer's menu, go to Tools > SmartScreen Filter > Turn off SmartScreen Filter. The Microsoft SmartScreen Filter dialog should appear.
      • In the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter dialog, select "Turn off SmartScreen Filter".
      • Click OK.
      • When done downloading, turn SmartScreen Filter back on.

      Alternatively, you could download Register DLL with another browser:

  2. On Windows Vista, Windows 7, and later, Register DLL must be run in administrator mode to be effective (if you are on Windows XP or earlier, you can skip this step). To run Register DLL in administrator mode:

  3. Run Register DLL. When prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, choose Yes.

  4. In Register DLL, click Browse. That should open a Browse dialog.

  5. In the Browse dialog, browse to xlPrecision.dll and select it.

  6. With xlPrecision.dll selected in the Browse dialog, click the Browse dialog's "Open" button. That should bring you back to Register DLL, and the full path to xlPrecision.dll should now appear in the textbox.

  7. Click Register. You should get a message that it was successfully registered.

  8. Click Close.

  9. If Excel was running, exit and restart Excel.


Register DLL can be used to register any ActiveX component, including DLLs, EXEs, and OCXs. It requires the supporting files installed by the xlPrecision or inspector text free edition. It can be downloaded from Register DLL. On Windows Vista and later, it must be run in administrator mode.



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