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A Macintosh version of inspector text is not yet available. If you are interested in a Macintosh version, please let me know, and be sure to mention what version of Excel you are using.


Why isn't a Macintosh version available?

Normally, an Excel add-in can be used on both Windows and Macintosh. But Excel add-in passwords can be easily cracked with products available on the web, making the source code insecure from theft. So, I didn't want to have the calculation code in an Excel add-in.

I wrote the code in a Visual Basic 6 DLL because VB6 DLLs compiled to binary are as secure as is possible. VB6 uses the VC6 DLL (just renamed) to compile to binary. So, VB6 DLLs compiled to binary are as secure as VC6 DLLs. (I chose not to write it in a VB.NET (VB7) DLL because VB.NET DLLs are not secure; to the contrary, they are essentially self-cracking.)

However, VB6 can't compile to Macintosh binaries, only Windows binaries. To get inspector text to work on Macintosh, I'll need to port the code to a Macintosh software development product. That may take some time.

Also, Macintosh Excel 2008 does not include VBA, though Microsoft says later versions will bring it back. So, inspector text may never work on Macintosh Excel 2008.

The first time I ever used Excel was on a Macintosh, and I have a very high regard for Macintosh and Macintosh users. I used a Macintosh before I ever used Windows. I like both Macintosh and Windows as much as I like both apples and oranges. I apologize for the inconvenience to Macintosh users.





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