Do Anything with Text in Formulas



Same as Excel's built-in SUBSTITUTE function, but searches from right to left.

Substitutes text in a text string, searching for the text to replace from right to left.

itSUBSTITUTER is intended to be as similar as possible to Excel's built-in SUBSTITUTE function, while searching from right to left. For much more powerful and versatile text substitution, see itREPLACE.



itSUBSTITUTER(text, old_text, new_text, instance_num)

text Required. The text containing the text to be substuted.
old_text Required. The text to be replaced.
new_text The text to replace old_text
instance_num Which occurrence of old_text to replace with new_text, counting from the right.

If omitted, all occurrences of old_text are replaced with new_text.

If instance_num is omitted, itSUBSTITUTER works exactly like Excel's built-in SUBSTITUTE function.



Formula Description Result
=itSUBSTITUTER("abababab","a","A") Replace all occurrences of "a" in "abababab" with "A". AbAbAbAb
=itSUBSTITUTER("abababab","a","A",2) Replace the 2nd occurrence (counting from the right) of "a" in "abababab" with "A". ababAbab



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