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Download inspector text Free Edition


Download inspector text for Excel 97, 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and later

Once you've downloaded the file, please see the important installation notes below this box.

When you click the above link to download inspector text, you may get a message like "inspector text is unsafe to download and was blocked by SmartScreen Filter". This message just means that inspector text has not had a huge number of downloads, and I have not paid a boatload of money to get Microsoft to mark it as safe. Eventually the message will stop once it has had enough downloads.

inspector text does not have a virus. This website is hosted by Lunarpages, which is as safe as anything on the web. If you want to be 110% certain, you can just run your virus checker on the file after downloading it but before running it.

While we're patiently waiting for Microsoft to mark inspector text as safe, you can download it now by temporarily turning off SmartScreen. To do that, in Internet Explorer:

Alternatively, you could download inspector text with another browser:

On Windows NT, 2000, XP Vista, and Windows 7, 8, and 10, you must be logged in as an Administrator during installation.

On Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, start Setup by right-clicking inspector_text_2.0.2.exe and choosing "Run as administrator":


After installation, you no longer need to be logged in as an Administrator.

After installing inspector text, restart Excel.

Then, to verify that inspector text is installed and working properly, enter this formula in any spreadsheet cell:


It should return a welcome message with your name and the inspector text version. If itTEST() instead returns the "#NAME!" error, the most likely problem is that your Windows configuration simply did not allow the setup program to register inspector text as an add-in in Excel. No problem, it's easy to just do that manually:

Steps to manually register inspector text as an add-in in Excel:

In Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016:

  1. File > Options > Add-ins > Go (button). That should bring up the Add-ins dialog.
  2. In the Add-ins dialog, click Browse, and browse to inspector_text.xla. Then click OK, and inspector text should be listed there in the Add-ins dialog and checked.
  3. Then click OK to get back to Excel. itTEST() should work then, but if not try restarting Excel.

In Excel 2007, the steps are the same as above except that instead of File > Options, it's:

  •  Office Button > Excel Options (button)

In Excel 2003 and earlier, the steps are the same as above except that instead of File > Options > Add-ins > Go (button), it's just:

  •  Tools > Add-ins


If those steps don't fix the problem, you may wish to try installing again, or see the Troubleshooting FAQ, or email for help.


Once you've gotten itTEST() working, find the inspector text online help by choosing Add-Ins > inspector text 2.0 > inspector text 2.0 Help and Function Reference:

In Excel 2003 and earlier, inspector text's online help is in Tools > inspector text 2.0 > inspector text 2.0 Help and Function Reference:





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