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Versions of inspector text for Excel 95 (7.0) and earlier are not available, and now that Excel 2007 has released, they probably will never be available. If you are interested in using inspector text on Excel 95 or earlier, please let me know, and be sure to mention what version or versions of Excel you are interested in running it on.


Excel 95 (7.0)

Excel 95 (7.0) would require a new inspector text.xla. Requires doing a few things in older, more tedious ways.


Excel 5.0

Excel 5.0 (except for the little-used 5.0 for NT) is a 16-bit EXE, and inspector text is a 32-bit DLL. A 16-bit EXE can't call a 32-bit DLL. I would need to write a 32-bit EXE to interface between Excel 5.0 and inspector text. COM in Windows automatically does the thunking (bitness translation) between a 16-bit EXE and a 32-bit EXE. And, no problem calling inspector text from the 32-bit EXE.

Excel 5.0 was released in late 1993.


Excel 4.0 and earlier

Excel 4.0 and earlier would require a DDE interface. This project is unlikely to ever be the best use of time and resources. Excel 4.0 was released in 1992.



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